Palm Tree Ring Installation

How to Install Roto Lighting's Palm Tree Ring


  • Anti-rust material
  • Multi-Directional spotlights
  • No exposed wiring. All wiring is encapsulated in ring body
  • The ring can be pre wired for 2-6 LED lights
  • Light rings are available in 110 volts and 12 volts
  • Sandstone and dark brown available
  • All products are assembled using UL approved components

Roto Lite’s LED palm tree light ring is a two-piece hinged light fixture that can light up palm trees both up towards the fronds and down the trunk towards the ground. Customers may adjust the ring to turn the lights any way desired. The palm tree light ring contains an impact resistant polymer that encapsulates all wiring so there are no exposed wires.

Palm tree lighting rings are ideal for homes, hotels, country clubs, business complexes, parks and almost all palm tree lighting applications.

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