Roto Lighting® Par 20 120V Bulb

  • 120 Volt
  • LED Warm White 2700k
  • Par 20
  • 3 year warranty
  • 30 degree beam
  • 500 Lumens


Custom Colors:

Though our most popular color is the sandstone textured look, we do offer brown as a color option for all products as well. Please reach out to us (click here) if you would like to order brown Roto Lighting products. Custom colors, such as black, can be made upon request of 20+ quantity.

A lifetime sandstone fixture warranty and 3-Year bulb and brass fixture warranty.

Enjoy years of reliable performance. Our fixtures and bulbs are built to last.

Our light fixtures are low maintenance and designed to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Roto Lighting, Inc.

Roto Lighting® Par 20 120V Bulb

Roto Lighting® Par 20 120V Bulb

Roto Lighting’s Par 20 LED spotlight 120 volt replacement bulb is very reliable and efficient. The bulb has a an output of 500 lumens and is a warm white 2700k color. The bulb has a 30 degree beam angle and will add an aesthetic glow to the top of any tree. The bulb comes with a three year warranty from the date of purchase (see warranty page for details). This bulb will fit the bullet 3 spotlight, tree rings, and the palm tree spot light 120 volt fixtures.


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